Manila Maid has been in the business for almost four years and the owner claims that the reason for their success is largely because of her hard working staff. In the next few weeks, we will introduce you to the lovely cleaners of Manila Maid who takes great care of your home.

Today, we will start with MS. NIÑA SALAZAR, A loving wife and mother to 3 kids. Here's what she had to say about her work.

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When did you start working for Manila Maid?

I started working with Manila Maid last July 2017.

What do you like about working for Manila Maid?

Being a part-time worker, ang nagustuhan ko sa Manila Maid is because I am married with 3 children. I can’t do full time cause i need to do also my duty to my 3 children. My husband is an OFW kasi.

Are you happy with your job?

I am very much happy working with Manila Maid kasi mabait ang boss ko at ang mga kasama ko na staff ay mababait at magagaling din. Marunong makisama at honest din.

Do you think you will work with Manila Maid for a long time?

As long as may mga nagpapalinis ay susuportahan ko ang Manila Maid sa abot ng aking kakayahan

To book a cleaning with MS. NIÑA, call us at 0927-727-6803 or send us an email at

You can also book through our website at

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We clean in the following areas: Makati, BGC, Taguig, Mandaluyong, Ortigas, Pasay, Parañaque and more!

We look forward to cleaning your condo/house/office for you!


There's nothing more satisfying and exciting as starting a new life in a new home. This marks a new chapter to a person's life.

However, there's no denying just how much of a hard work it is. From packing to moving to storing, everything can be oh so tiring! Not to mention, making sure your new home is clean enough for you to be able to stay in.

There's no escaping from this task so if you do not know where to start, here are the 5 most important move-in check list you should do.

  1. Clean your refrigerator - This is where you will store all fresh food and drinks so this should be prioritized. Remove all shelves and individually wash each. Having a hard time with grease or anything sticky? Use hot water to get rid of these, then scrub hard!
  2. Walls and ceiling - Before you clean each room, make sure that you clean ceilings to walls. Starting from the top. This may seem like a hard task but it's easy if you've got an adjustable handle mop and ladder.
  3. Kitchen - If you were in a rush to move, chances are you didn't clean any of your kitchen equipment and just moved it to the next house. This is the perfect time to deep clean your oven, microwave and other appliance that you use frequently. Kitchen counters should be wiped down and the most important one - pour boiling water all over the kitchen sink to disinfect and kill germs. Last step is a full wipe down of all kitchen cabinets before you start placing items in.
  4. Bathroom - This should not be too hard if the previous owner/tenant did not leave the room filthy. Bathrooms are usually smaller spaces than any part of the house and with unlimited water supply in, then all you need is an all purpose cleaner and your handy brush then start scrubbing. Pay close attention to toilet bowls and make sure to effectively disinfect toilet seats before using.
  5. Floor - This should be given some attention especially if you have little kids that would run or roll around the floor. After vacuuming/sweeping, make sure to use a floor cleaner fit for the type of floor you have. (Wood floor, tiled floor, vinyled floor, etc)

No time to do any of these? No problem! Manila Maid also offers move out / move in cleaning. We send a team of cleaners that clean your home from top to bottom.

Too tired or too lazy to pack? We can do that for you as well! We can even provide the boxes if needed! Packing can be an add-on on top of your home cleaning.

We clean homes or condos in the following areas: Makati, BGC, Taguig, Mandaluyong, Pasay, Ortigas, Parañaque, Malate and more! Give us a call for inquiries at 0927-727-6803 today!

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There's no denying that Metro Manila is getting denser. Buildings are getting built left and right. Due to this, houses are being replaced by condominiums as main choice for living.

There are many advantages in living in condos such as amenities, security, etc. However, the major downside is not enough space.

There are ways to make a dorm/condo/small apartment in the city look bigger. Here are the top 7 tips Manila Maid has for city dwellers like you, living in Makati, BGC, Taguig, Ortigas, Mandaluyong, Eastwood, etc who are getting sick of the cramped look of your home.

  1. Do not get big and bulky furniture. Opt for a smaller size couch that are raised on legs or have exposed legs. This will create a sense of space. Also make sure you pull your furniture away from the walls. It will give the illusion of space.
  2. Steer away from dark paint or dark wallpaper. Your home color palette, from ceiling, wall and furnitute should be in the light or neutral tones. Think whites, beiges, greys.
  3. Buy items with multi-functions. Such as coffee table that has storage space or an ottoman that can be used as a side table.
  4. Want decorations in your room? Great! Make sure you don't crowd it with tiny items. A few bigger pieces like a statement lamp or a nice painting should do the trick.
  5. Place mirrors with nice modern frame in areas of the room. Mirrors are great in creating the illusion of space.
  6. Leave your windows uncovered. Take advantage of natural light as much as possible.
  7. DECLUTTER! Get the clutter out of the way and keep your home clean and tidy.

The main idea is to get your tiny space free of unimportant things. Hide unecessary stuff in storage or better yet, donate anything you no longer need.

Manila Maid can help you de-clutter and make your tiny space look so much bigger! We do apartment or condo cleaning in areas such as __Makati, Taguig, BGC, Eastwood, Mandaluyong __and more.

Contact us at or send us a message on our Facebook page! We can entertain your queries.


There's a certain charm in traveling while still feeling the warmth of a home by the end of the day. This is why more and more people are booking AirBnb when they travel because not only does it save money, it also feels less stiff than staying at a hotel.

While more and more people are booking Airbnb homes/rooms, more home owners are opening their homes to guests. However, not all hosts are ready for what it really is to be an Airbnb host. Since your home represents you as a host, you MUST make it the most comfortable it can be so guests can leave a high rating and good review. After all, it is by guests review that your home can be booked again.

How do you get your home Airbnb ready? Simple. Keep it neat and tidy at all costs. But what if you don't have the time to do that?

Don't worry. Manila Maid can help. We have well trained, friendly cleaners that can keep your home very clean, just perfect for the next guest. Do not waste two, three or four hours of your time to prepare your home. Call Manila Maid instead!

How to book a cleaning:

  1. Book through our website at
  2. Call or sms us at 0927-727-6803
  3. Send us a Facebook message. Find us on Facebook! MANILA MAID
  4. Email us at

We look forward to cleaning for you!


Moving out is a pain in the ass. It is such hard work that you almost dread it. So many things to pack and sort out that you're sure to be busy for weeks! After making sure everything is ready to go, you're left with a not-so-clean ex-home. You worry. Asking yourself, how to deal with this too? You hate the thought of your landlord charging ridiculous fee for cleaning.

Manila Maid can help you get your deposit back, or at least, get as much deposit back from your landlord by getting your home ready for new tenants. How? By providing top notch move-out cleaning.

What happens during a move out clean, you ask? See below for a detailed list:

Floors vacuumed and mopped with floor cleaner Windows washed and wiped Toilets, sinks, shower area and tub are scrubbed and disinfected Lighting, fixtures, mirrors are all dusted and wiped Kitchen surface sanitized Kitchen cabinet cleaned inside and out Refrigerator, stove top, microwave cleaned inside and out Wiping and dusting of pantry and shelves Cleaning of electric fans Cleaning of walls and doors Vacuuming of blinds and shutters and more cleaning can be customised based on client's needs

For booking, please contact us through our email at or call us at for quotation.

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We look forward to cleaning for you!

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