You already know that cleaning your work place is necessary because you spend almost the same amount of time at the office and your home. However, you must be wondering, How often should you get your office cleaned?

Ideally, office cleaning should be done at least once a day but it all boils down to different factors such as how big is the office? How many people work at the office every day? Is there a pantry and washroom?

Let's take a look at each factors one by one:

  1. Work space/ Work Desk- Since employees spend majority of their time at their desks, this means there's just more germs lying around ready to be cleaned. Keyboard, Desk phone, mouse, desk drawer handles, need to be sanitized regularly. The easiest way to do this is by always having disinfecting sprays and tissue. It's quick to do and won't take more than a minute.
  2. Pantry- Just like your kitchen at home, pantry needs to be cleaned daily. Especially if it is used everyday by employees on their breaks. Apart from kitchen utensils, sink needs to be cleaned thoroughly cleaned because this is where the germs hang out, ready to spread bacteria. Quickest way to do it is by pouring boiling water on all parts of the sink. This technique immediately kills all bacteria. Do not forget the faucet handle! Use a disinfectant spray on the handle for cleaning.
  3. Washroom- This part of your office needs cleaning daily. There's just no going around it. Make sure it's properly stocked with toilet paper and soap.
  4. Floors- Because of the daily foot traffic going around the office, once a week floor cleaning is ideal. Make sure to use the right product for cleaning. It has to not just be able to disinfect, it also has to be well suited to the type of flooring your office has. Some hard wood floor cleaners are not good for tiles or vinyl.

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