Since holiday season has already started, well, at least in the Philippines where the longest Christmas holiday is being celebrated, we assembled 7 gift ideas you can give your messy friends that can get them a new year's resolution with a cleaner house on the checklist.


For starters, there are many types of organizer like shoe organizer, accessories organizer, bags organizers, etc. that you can choose from. This can get your friend started in being a little less messy by put things into their place.

Tips before buying: it would be better to look for a space saver organizer for your friend who does not have enough space in their home and avoid gifting them with an organizer that is hard to assemble.

__Set of kitchen towels __

Gifting a friend with a set of kitchen towels is a good idea. Named as one of the most powerful kitchen tools with many uses aside from drying the dishes, and use in cooking, it can be used all around the kitchen for general clean up. A truly versatile one.

Tip before buying: see to it that the kitchen towel is durable and absorbent. And avoid buying one with the linen fabric and go for the one with a cotton fabric which is more absorbent and durable. Make sure to look for one which does not leave lint on surfaces.

__Key Holder __

This might be considered a type of organizer but just want to specify this item for a certain reason. It is not solely for a messy person but also for the forgetful ones. Just remind your friend to not forget where the key holder is located. What's great about this as a gift is that you can have it customized at a low-cost.

Tips before buying: If you are looking for someone who does customize key holder, you can try Artisan Mom. Their products are high quality but certainly cheaper than others.

__Portable vacuüm cleaner __

You may think this gift could be quite costly, hence giving it to a special friend or loved ones can be worth it if it can make their environment cleaner. The advantages of gifting cordless vacuum cleaner are that you will not be restricted by the cord while cleaning and have no cable clutter to worry about.

Tips before buying: There are many affordable cordless hand vacuums in the market today. Don’t fall for cheap ones especially if it is too good to be true. It easily breaks or has short battery usage.

__Microfiber Rags __

You might think that giving this type of gift is nothing extraordinary. But most of us do not know the power of microfiber rags, which contains millions of microfiber (acts like a big toothbrush) that helps, dislodge dust dirt and bacteria more effectively than the regular rags we buy thus making it easier for us to make our houses squeaky clean without using strong detergents that is costly and pollutes our environment.

Tips before buying: most of microfiber rags/cloth are sold in a bundle so you can buy them in different colors and your friend can assign colors for different usage.

__Spin mop/ automatic 360 mop __

One of the best gift Ideas for messy friends is a spin mop because they don't have to get their hands dirty while cleaning the house. What's great about this is that they can use it not only on floors but on tiles, walls, and ceilings too and after using it, they can just throw the head of the mop into the washing machine and voila, it's clean again and ready to use. You can also give your friend a tip like placing a quarter in the bottom of the bucket. When they can no longer see the quarter, it's time to change the water.

Tips before buying: choose the one with microfiber fabric for efficient cleaning and less detergent use.

__Book a Home Cleaning Service for your friend __

This could be one of the best gifts you can give your friend this Christmas. Since holiday season also means busy season with many parties to attend to, your friend may not have time to clean the house at all so being the best friend, you can book them a one-time cleaning service to get them started to have a clean home this holiday season.

Tips before booking: for cleaning Services Company you can trust, try Manila Maid. They offer different household cleaning services at a reasonable price. They currently offer service for homes in the following areas: Makati, Mandaluyong, Ortigas, BGC, Taguig, Parañaque, Pasay and Eastwood.

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