Home cleaning is what we ought to do in our lovely dwelling place. When we say home cleaning, it includes all the rooms. That’s right. It includes the bathroom.

If there’s one compound word to describe the bathroom chores: NIGHTMARE!

Seriously, who daydreams about cleaning the room where our divine human excretion is removed and deposited? NO ONE. It’s utterly depressing! Almost slaving yourself to remove the water stains and the mass of hair that clogged the water drain are plainly disgusting. But let’s face it: no matter how times many we say ‘yuck’ and ‘ew’, we can never escape from the fact that we NEED to clean our bathroom. Take note: it is a need.

However, despite the importance, there’s no need to sweat big time to turn it into a shining, shimmering, splendid bathroom. Also, deep cleaning your bathroom doesn’t always include the use harsh chemicals. Why resort to nauseatingly, strong-smelling chemicals when you can make of use of natural items in your kitchen?

To get the dirty job done, you can always hire a condo cleaner and maid service or avail general cleaning services from a cleaning company if you live around Metro Manila. But you too, can make a difference.

The only lingering question is HOW?

Have no fear. The bathroom tricks are here! Make your life simple with these efficient bathroom hacks:

Mirror, mirror on the wall

There’s nothing more delightful than seeing your beautiful reflection in the mirror. However, it won’t be so clear if your mirror is foggy. Clear up those spots with a cup of tea, spray bottle and newspaper.

Instructions: a) Prepare black tea and let it cool. b) Pour black tea inside your spray bottle. c) Spray solution on mirror and use newspaper as a wiper.

Bathroom Chrome

Keep the chrome fixtures free from water spots by rubbing lemon all over. The brand new – looking chrome fixtures are all yours again!

Shower Head

Don’t let the crust take the spot from your shower head. All you need is a rubber band and baggie filled with distilled vinegar.


  1. Half-fill the baggie with distilled vinegar.
  2. Put it over the showerhead and secure with rubber band.
  3. Let it set overnight.
  4. Remove the baggie and wipe the showerhead with wet cloth.

Face the toilet job

Nobody wants to take a dump on a stinky toilet. Try mixing vinegar and baking soda! The mixture will do its wonders on your precious throne. Let it sit for 15 minutes and enjoy a stink-free toilet.

The Grapefruit Tub

Grapefruit isn’t only a delicious treat – it also works great as a cleaning agent. Just sprinkle a pinch of salt on a sliced grapefruit and scrub on your bathtub. Let the grapefruit do all the bathtub work.

Stop moping at the wall

Tired of wiping your bathroom wall high up with your arms? Just use a mop with vinegar - water 1:1 dilution for tiled walls. For painted walls, an all-purpose cleaner will do just fine.

These are only a few of many bathroom hacks. But for now, enjoy your clean and sweet-smelling bathroom!

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