There's a certain charm in traveling while still feeling the warmth of a home by the end of the day. This is why more and more people are booking AirBnb when they travel because not only does it save money, it also feels less stiff than staying at a hotel.

While more and more people are booking Airbnb homes/rooms, more home owners are opening their homes to guests. However, not all hosts are ready for what it really is to be an Airbnb host. Since your home represents you as a host, you MUST make it the most comfortable it can be so guests can leave a high rating and good review. After all, it is by guests review that your home can be booked again.

How do you get your home Airbnb ready? Simple. Keep it neat and tidy at all costs. But what if you don't have the time to do that?

Don't worry. Manila Maid can help. We have well trained, friendly cleaners that can keep your home very clean, just perfect for the next guest. Do not waste two, three or four hours of your time to prepare your home. Call Manila Maid instead!

How to book a cleaning:

  1. Book through our website at www.manilamaid.com
  2. Call or sms us at 0927-727-6803
  3. Send us a Facebook message. Find us on Facebook! MANILA MAID
  4. Email us at info@manilamaid.com

We look forward to cleaning for you!

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