They say home is where the heart is. And a home’s heart is located right in the kitchen. Therefore, Kitchen is where the heart is seems more fitting.



Everybody loves food. Kitchen is where you make the food you and your family eat. It is a great place for bonding with family and friends. However, there’s a gross truth that everyone should know about: Kitchen is one of the dirtiest part of the house and the kitchen sink can very well be the dirtiest.

Isn’t it ironic? The place where you create stuff to enrich you with energy and vitamins is actually the place of worship for germs and other bacteria? When it comes to home cleaning, deep cleaning your kitchen is the number one rule and not forgetting rule number 1 is the second rule.

Of course, if you reside around Metro Manila, you can always look for condo and house cleaning services in Makati and BGC areas from an amazing cleaning company to do the job for you.

Not ready to get a cleaner? That’s alright. We understand that some of you may want to do the cleaning yourself. This is why we want to teach simple ways to get your kitchen clean. Read on!

Start with a clear countertop

Will you be comfortable doing your food prepping with a chaotic countertop? I know the answer is a big no. Anything that doesn’t belong on your kitchen deck should be put back to their designated places. When cleaning the countertop, move everything away so you can also wipe all areas. A clean rag and alcohol diluted in water will do the trick!

Soak it well

There are so many items in the kitchen that gets greasy and are hard to clean. Items like the crisper drawer, the microwave turntable, food containers, and dish rack. Fill your sink with hot water and a few drops of dishwashing soap. Let the kitchen items like the crisper drawer, the microwave turntable, food storage containers, and the dish rack soak in for 15 minutes then rinse.

Sink Maintenance

Your kitchen sink is where you place raw meat, dirty dishes, left over food and other crap. This makes it the dirtiest part of your kitchen. To keep grease and dirt off, pour hot water all over the sink. Scrub using rough sponge and disinfectant soap.

Empty the Fridge

General cleaning is incomplete without giving your fridge a good cleaning. Using a rag and an all-purpose cleaner, wipe the kitchen from inside out, top to bottom. Keeping left-over food? Go through all containers to see which one you’ll likely still eat. Throw everything that you will no longer use or eat in the future.

The Cabinet Care

No, we don’t mean the president’s cabinet secretaries. Your kitchen cabinets also need some good loving off you. Just like your fridge, clean the cabinets with a cloth sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner. If this where you store your canned and bottled goods, check the expiry. You don't want to keep inedible food taking up cabinet space.

The Microwave Wave

Done microwaving your pizza? Great! Now it’s time to get a cloth sprayed with a cleaning solution and clean inside of the microwave. A lot of food stains cling to microwave walls specially when you don’t cover food when heating.

The Sweeping and Mopping Touch

From all that cleaning, sweep off all the dust and other waste. Make sure to sweep the whole floor surface, pull out the appliances and kitchen furniture if possible. After sweeping, it’s time for mopping. Get ½ cup of baking soda, add into 2 gallons of water and use the mixture to mop floor.

Congratulations! You’re done. Now just sit back, relax and let the clean times roll!

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