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There's no denying that Metro Manila is getting denser. Buildings are getting built left and right. Due to this, houses are being replaced by condominiums as main choice for living.

There are many advantages in living in condos such as amenities, security, etc. However, the major downside is not enough space.

There are ways to make a dorm/condo/small apartment in the city look bigger. Here are the top 7 tips Manila Maid has for city dwellers like you, living in Makati, BGC, Taguig, Ortigas, Mandaluyong, Eastwood, etc who are getting sick of the cramped look of your home.

  1. Do not get big and bulky furniture. Opt for a smaller size couch that are raised on legs or have exposed legs. This will create a sense of space. Also make sure you pull your furniture away from the walls. It will give the illusion of space.
  2. Steer away from dark paint or dark wallpaper. Your home color palette, from ceiling, wall and furnitute should be in the light or neutral tones. Think whites, beiges, greys.
  3. Buy items with multi-functions. Such as coffee table that has storage space or an ottoman that can be used as a side table.
  4. Want decorations in your room? Great! Make sure you don't crowd it with tiny items. A few bigger pieces like a statement lamp or a nice painting should do the trick.
  5. Place mirrors with nice modern frame in areas of the room. Mirrors are great in creating the illusion of space.
  6. Leave your windows uncovered. Take advantage of natural light as much as possible.
  7. DECLUTTER! Get the clutter out of the way and keep your home clean and tidy.

The main idea is to get your tiny space free of unimportant things. Hide unecessary stuff in storage or better yet, donate anything you no longer need.

Manila Maid can help you de-clutter and make your tiny space look so much bigger! We do apartment or condo cleaning in areas such as __Makati, Taguig, BGC, Eastwood, Mandaluyong __and more.

Contact us at info@manilamaid.com or send us a message on our Facebook page! We can entertain your queries.

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